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Click on the below links for information on some important parts of the development process.

What zone are you in?

The first place to start is knowing what zone your property is in and what are the relevant planning controls. 

The below link is to the NSW Planning Portal. This government website contains a great deal of information about the development process and is where all DA's and CDC's need to be uploaded. Use the 'Find a Property' tab to generate your own property report. This will include the zone, relevant planning controls and if it is in a bushfire zone. 

Do you need approval?

There are 3 main levels of development approval:

Exempt Development, this covers smaller types of development and if all conditions of the legislation are met then no approval is required.

Complying Development, this covers a variety of development from small additions to new houses. The works must comply with all the requirements listed in the legislation and approval is gained from a Principle Certifying Authority (PCA) rather than Council.

Development Application, if your development does not fall into the above 2 categories you need to lodge a DA with your local council. 

The below links are to the Sutherland Shire Council website and provide more information on each type of development.

Building in a Bushfire zone.

If your land is within a Bushfire zone then you need to comply with certain construction standards.

The below link is to the NSW Rural Fire Service website and provides important information and further links.

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